Office Infrastructure

If desired, we are providing firms either private offices or work area in our office complex in Dubai Internet City. So, firms can start up testing a new market with the least amount of expenditures without the need of any previous investments.

Company Establishment Service

We inform you about the specializations of each of the free zones in United Arab Emirates and assist in choosing the best location that suits the field of operation of your firm. From the moment you decide to establish a company, we follow up all the necessary procedures for you and enable you to save time and money.

Research services for your potential customers and organising appointments with them

You are not familiar with Dubai and the surrounding markets and you want to gather information about this market and meet with your potential customers or business partners. If this is the case, Expertiseglobal Dubai Office provides you these services in the most efficient manner. It makes your meeting appointments needed to get acquainted with the right customers and the right business partners on your behalf.

Marketing/Advertising Activities

Expertiseglobal provides the marketing services needed by the firms which aim to establish their products and services in this market which presents fascinating opportunities. In our website, any kind of assistance for marketing is provided for you to introduce your products and services, including advertising and publicity activities in magazines and other channels which meets with your target audience.

  • Business Center (offices and meeting rooms)
  • Virtual Office
  • Secreterial services
  • Company establishment service
  • Market research assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Database services
  • Organising appointments with target customers/distributing channels
  • Legal services
  • Human Resource services
  • Accounting services
  • Hotel reservation, car rental services etc...