Since 2002 when it was founded, Expertiseglobal is succesfully carrying out the Turkish agency of Dubai Internet City (DIC) which has been the most succesfull technology free zone of the world.

DIC was founded in 2000 and since then it has grown by 56% each year and has been hosting more than a thousand firms in its seventh year.

In Dubai Internet City which is located in Dubai where 2 billion people live and which is the trade center of a great region with a GNP of 6,7trillion dollars many opportunities await for you. Some of these opportunities:

  • The business partnerships which best suit to open up to global markets
  • The opportunity to establish a company owned 100% by you, without the need for a local partner
  • Total freedom in the repatriation of profits
  • %100 tax free environment
  • Office infrastructure equipped with the newest technologies